Keeping Busy In Quarantine

by David J. Cunningham
Thu Apr 09 2020

When you find yourself stuck in your home with nothing fun to do for months at a time, it’s good to develop a strategy to keep your head screwed on. In the following paragraphs I'll lay out what I've found has helped me in these strange and unfamiliar times.

First, you want to find a hobby. This could be anything from learning a card trick, to cooking a new recipe, to dabbling in the occult. Whatever it is, try to find something that will soak up a lot of your time like a hungry sponge. You have a lot of time - too much time - to soak.

Second, make sure to get exercise. If you’re a member of an affluent segment of society, you might have a peloton or a gym inside of your home. If you aren’t one of the lucky few, then cautious, masked runs outside and milk jugs filled with sand or rocks will have to do.

Third, stay in touch with friends. You could send your friends letters, but the government’s essential mail workers are already beleaguered enough. So go digital! Video chat, phone, or Periscope. It won’t be the same as hanging out with friends and family in person, but hey, will anything ever truly be the same again?

Fifth, make sure you’re eating healthy. Because you have to make most or all of your meals now, that means you’ll spend approximately three and a half hours a day preparing enough food for what would normally be one and a half meals in your former life. Look at it like this: at least you’re finally getting that diet you couldn’t stick to before, right?

Last, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you’ve gotten your daily exercise and have eaten your nutritious home cooked meals, then the only thing preventing you from falling soundly asleep is the gnawing feeling that this just might be a slow slide into the apocalypse you've always wondered would happen in your lifetime, and that anyone you know and love could at any time fall ill from this vicious, fast-acting and little-understood modern day plague.

I hope this helped you establish a satisfying routine in this ‘new normal’! Message me with any other tips or tricks you’ve discovered. Until next time!